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President’s Message

Bob Milliken, April 2018



Increased interest in A.D.U’s

What is an A.D.U?  Well, in Costa Mesa the term is synonymous with Granny Flats. In Seattle, for example, they call them Accessory Dwelling Units. In any case, Costa Mesa is an extremely popular place for such units due to the size of the lots.

The current lot size requirement for an A.D.U. is 8,500 square feet. As of a recent City Council vote 3-2, the requirements are being reduced to a minimum lot size of 7,900 square feet which is larger than the Planning Commission’s recommendation of 7,500 square feet. Under the current law you could have built a 1,200 square foot A.D.U. That is now being changed to a maximum of 800 square feet.

With every change there are those who support the new laws. Increasing inventory and affordable housing will help resolve our housing shortage here in Orange County. Those against are saying, saturation of units will cause parking problems, not to mention the discrimination of those who own smaller lots and are unable to build.

One thing is for sure, cities across the state are changing their rules to allow more Granny Flats to comply with a state law intended to increase affordable housing inventory.