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President’s Message

Cari Young, February 20192016 Cari Young

As we head into a new year, in the midst of a government shutdown no less, there is always uncertainty as to what the year will bring and how such uncertainty will impact the real estate market. While we may not be able to predict all that 2019 will bring, one thing is certain, 2019 will be different than 2018. And because our business is always changing, always evolving, and always presenting new challenges, we all must learn to be open to and even embrace a changing environment and  market. One of the best ways in which to embrace change is to educate yourself. Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

While you may not be looking to change the world, if you are looking for a way to further educate yourself in order to embrace change in 2019 and advance your own personal and professional development, there are an almost infinite number of opportunities to do so. The Newport Beach Association of Realtors, CAR and NAR all offer excellent opportunities to further your education. The Newport Beach Association of Realtors hosts seminars such as the Tony Robbins – Dominate Your Market seminar which was offered in January and the Ugh Taxes Seminar which is being offered on February 13th, in addition to the license renewal or continuing education offerings which are regularly scheduled.

CAR offers professional designation or certification course such as a First Time Buyer Specialist Certification and a Certified Transaction Coordinator designation. NAR offers additional designations such as Certified International Property Specialist and Pricing Strategy Advisor Certification. You may find information about these and other professional designations in the Learn and Thrive section of the CAR website at www.car.org. In addition, there are many educational opportunities available online to further your knowledge and expertise in any number of areas, including courses on Social Media Analytics and the Business of Social which may assist you in lining up your business goals with your social media strategy to drive measurable value.

Other educational opportunities include Economic Summits such as the Chapman University Economic Forecast Update which is scheduled for June 19, 2019 which allows attendees to gain a better understanding of where the market may be headed and how certain economic indicators impact our business, better arming you to address client concerns about valuation in a ever-changing market.

The more knowledge you have about the various aspects of your business the better prepared you are to excel in this industry as it continues to evolve and change and more prepared you are to effectively serve the needs of your clients if not change the world.