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President’s Message

Bob Milliken, January 2018

Dear Association Members,RobertMilliken_Print-1

I first want to say Thank You to our staff at the Board of REALTORS® for all their hard work putting together our Installation Breakfast. It’s not easy coordinating with the Mayor and our Congressman, Assemblyman and Senator. Having them attend was very special for all of us.

For those of you who missed it, it was first class. Barbara Amstadter did a wonderful job of retiring the 2017 Officers and Directors and Installing the new 2018 Officers and Directors. Thank you Barbara for your professionalism and dedication to our Association.

As mentioned in my acceptance speech, I see us moving forward through 2018 as a team. The team I am talking about is not only our Board Officers and Directors, but  you the members. We all get wrapped up in our marketing and trying to do a better job for our clients that sometimes we forget or overlook the rules we have agreed to abide by.  More specifically, I am referring to are our For Sale sign and Open House sign rules.

The sign ordinance for size of For Sale signs in the City of Costa Mesa is 18″ X 24″.  In the City of Newport Beach the size sign ordinance is 12″ X 18″. As of January 2018, our BRE# needs to be on at least one side of the sign when our individual name appears. If your company’s name appears on the sign then their BRE# needs to appear on at least one side too. Oh and don’t forget, the size of the BRE# must be as large as the smallest lettering on your sign.

In driving around this past weekend I noticed many For Sale signs that were clearly not in compliance. Signs in Costa Mesa that were larger than regulation, or signs in Newport Beach using Costa Mesa size signs or even larger. We need to be in compliance with the city where our properties are located. If you are outside of Costa Mesa or Newport Beach, check with that city’s code enforcement to avoid a violation.

When we all work together using the same rules, we all win. The individual that goes outside the boundaries needs to understand that by joining our Association, you already agreed to abide by these rules. If you are not in compliance, I urge you to become one who is.  By not being in compliance you are taking advantage of your fellow REALTOR®. Our Bylaws strictly prohibits any activity that takes advantage of our fellow REALTORS®.

One other observation that I feel needs attention is the use of our Open House signs. Open House signs are to be used during the hours of the Open House and not left up overnight or up the entire weekend. Working together we can accomplish so much more. Let’s be considerate.

May the Spirit of the Holiday Season Bless you and your family the entire year. Happy Holidays everyone.