President’s Message

Cari Young, August 2019

This issue of real estate signage was brought up to the board recently, in terms of enforcement and professional courtesy, so thought I would use this forum to share the signage regulations for Newport Beach and Costa Mesa.

Newport Beach, all real estate signage must measure one and a half square feet or less. Signage may not rise above four feet from the ground. No balloons, flags or other attention seeking devices are permitted at any time. Real estate signs must be placed on private property at all times. During an Open House, signage may be placed offsite; however, no signage may be placed on public property, including but not limited to center medians, parks, and light poles. During this time, the listed property is allowed one additional onsite sign and three additional off site signs. During regular listing days, each listed property is allowed one onsite sign. Violations of the above referenced rules may result in the City removing the signs and-or issuing fines.

The City of Costa Mesa sign ordinance permits signs, one for sale sign per street frontage with a maximum size of five square feet and a maximum height of six feet. Open house signs may be a maximum of three square feet in size with a maximum height of five feet. Costa Mesa allows for signs in landscaped parkways but not within the center median or any street or highway. Additionally, the sign shall not overhang any street, curb, sidewalk or driveway, nor shall the sign be within fifteen feet of any fire hydrant, driveway, intersection or any alley, street or highway. Installation of signage shall not cause damage to the public right of way. Open house signs may be displayed from 6:00 AM on Friday to 6:00 PM on Sunday and the number of signs displayed within the city shall not exceed ten at any one time.

All members of the association are encouraged to adhere to these guidelines as these ordinances provide our industry with a signage privilege not provided to other business. There are some cities in our state that have made a determination to ban all real estate signage. So please be aware that continued abuse of the policies may lead to changes that may be detrimental to all of us. As such I would encourage all members to politely remind others of the privilege both local ordinances allow our industry when they see repeated violations.