President’s Message

Rob Norquist, March 2020


Many of us feel that the most important part of our business is not only advancing the dream of homeownership but the protection of private property rights.  We are constantly fighting for the preservation of private property rights.  There are issues we face currently that include threats to the mortgage interest deduction, Prop 13, rent control and the ability to rent residential properties at a rentable rate the property owner deems fair.   We need to stay informed and work together to combat these threats.

The City of Newport Beach Community Development Department will be hosting a community meeting regarding the proposed changes to residential design standards intended to minimize bulk and mass associated with current residential development trends.  These proposed changes include revisions to the 3rd Floor standards which apply to step backs on covered deck areas, and would apply to Balboa Island (which is currently exempt).  The area limitation has the potential to eliminate covered cabanas on roof decks.   This is of great concern to all property owners throughout our coastal community.  Please be sure to get the word out to your clients and neighbors, the issue is coming up before the City soon.

I hope you all will help me to promote that Homeownership Matters and ensure the protection of Private Property Rights.